Excellence in Kupuna Care


This website is designed to celebrate the accomplishments of and thank primary care physicians throughout Hawaii who show an unwaivering dedication to the quality of care they provide Kupuna patients.

The selection criteria includes six aspects of medical care which are important for patients over the age of 65.  Whenever possible, results were normalized for physicians who care for sicker patient populations.  The primary care physicians highlighted on this website demonstrate excellence in:

  • Providing patients access to primary care services through flexible office hours, phone availability during non-business hours, and helpful office staff which reduces the frequency in which their patients utilize the emergency room.
  • Offering preventative care and patient education through the performance of annual wellness visits for most of their senior patients.
  • Closely managing chronic conditions, as measured by the large number of their patients with acceptable blood pressure and glucose levels
  • Recognizing the importance of follow-up visits for patients within seven days after discharge from the hospital to ensure questions about changes in medications, diet or lifestyle are well understood and monitored.
  • Coordinating appointments for routine screenings to identify chronic disease early, such as breast and colon cancers, as well as the performance of routine Influenza immunizations.

Because we truly want to celebrate these physicians, the unveiling of the full list of high performing primary care physicians will take place from January through September 2018. Please visit this site often, to see the expanded list of primary care physicians who excel in providing Kupuna Care.