Honoring Physician for Excellence in Kupuna Care

Preventive visit & yearly wellness exams

Congratulations to 20 primary care physicians honored for their commitment to Preventive Care and their exemplary performance of Annual Health Assessments (AHAs) for their United and Humana Medicare Advantage patients. Similar to the services provided through Medicare Annual Wellness Visits, AHAs are designed to address persistent chronic conditions requiring on-going planning and management, recommended screenings and immunizations, and education and counseling around lifestyles that may contribute to or exasperate various medical conditions.

Case Studies

The 2017 top performing primary care physicians include: 

  • Cachola, Erlinda
  • Chan, Pon-Sang
  • Chun, Bernard
  • Dang, Steven
  • De Leon, Jose
  • Diep, Emily
  • Gamboa, Benjamin
  • Hamasaki, Craig
  • Lai, Chang-Dich
  • Leung, Albert
  • Lum, Steven
  • Marsh, Christopher
  • Otsuka, Clive
  • Perry, Ronald
  • Sonido, Charlie
  • Stahl, Glenn
  • Tam, Lawrence
  • Tan, Joshua
  • Tokeshi, Jinichi
  • Young, Byron
  • Zhou, Jack

Studies show that patients who undergo annual wellness visits have enhanced quality outcomes. For example, breast cancer and colorectal cancer screenings are 30% higher in seniors who have undergone an annual wellness visit.

In a recent survey, more than 80 percent of MDX Hawai`i PCPs reported that an annual wellness visit/annual health assessment is important, very important or extremely important to high quality care. Primary care physicians who provide quality health care are known for taking time to consult with their patients. These appointments provide just that – time to review a comprehensive history, discuss challenges with activities of daily living, schedule needed screenings and immunizations and time to develop a care plan to manage any chronic conditions. 

For more information on annual wellness visit components, click here.

MDX Hawai`i is proud to recognize primary care physicians who have completed an Annual Health Assessment for the 100% of their patients over a 12-month period as Excellence in Kupuna Care winners.

Throughout 2018, more than 100 physicians will receive MDX Hawai`i Excellence in Kupuna Care awards based on select components of high quality primary care, including metrics which reward preventative care, care coordination and convenient access to care.


MDX Hawai`i encompasses over 650 primary care physicians, 2,400 specialists and a full complement of health systems and ancillary providers across the Hawaiian Islands.  MDX Hawai`i assists physicians by providing wellness services and support programs for patients with complex medical conditions.